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The Musselman & Hall Story

George K. Musselman founded the company in the early 1890’s. An article in the Carthage, Missouri newspaper dated 1895 reports that George K. Musselman owner of George K. Musselman Construction Company was coming to Carthage to begin work on an inter urban rail line the company was to construct later that year.

Musselman was born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 1856. He graduated from Franklin and Marshall College in 1883. He moved to Kansas City and began working for the Kansas City Electric Railway Company as an engineer.

In the early 1900’s John Nicholas Hall joined Musselman and began caring for Musselman's teams. Hall moved to Kansas City from his home in Sedalia, Missouri. In 1914 the two formed a partnership and named the company Musselman & Hall Contractors.

John N. Hall developed tuberculosis in 1925 and prepared to move to Arizona for treatment. He transferred his ownership to his younger brother Harry F. Hall who had been traveling the country working on large projects including the Elephant Butte dam in southeast New Mexico where his second son, Harry Hall was born in 1915. Harry F. also spent time working the oil fields near El Dorado, Kansas.

Hall and Musselman managed the company until the late 1930’s when Harry L. Hall, a recent Civil Engineering graduate from the University of Kansas, and Edward H. Hall, son of John N. Hall joined the firm.

M&H thrived during the World War II years working at various defense installations including the Pratt and Whitney plant in Kansas City, Kansas and the Lake City Army Ammunitions plant east of Independence, Missouri.

As World War II ended the company helped deal with the return of millions of veterans and continued branching out into street work and into all kinds of industrial and governmental concrete, asphalt and railroad work.

George Musselman walked himself to the old St. Joseph hospital in Kansas City, Missouri where he died of “Dementia” in 1945.

Harry F. Hall retired from the company in 1966 at the age of 78 passing his ownership in 1965 to Harry F. and Edward H. Hall.

Doug Hall, son of Harry L. Hall, graduated from the University of Kansas in 1965 and joined the firm full time after working there during his summer vacations since 1957.

Edward H. Hall died in 1969.

Doug Hall rejoined the company in 1971 after serving four years in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam conflict.

Harry L. Hall died in 1978 and left the firm to son Doug and his widow Florence Hall.

Florence Hall worked in the company office until 1986 when she passed away. This left the company in the hands of one owner, Doug Hall, for the first time in 72 years.

Doug owned and managed the company with his wife Judy, an accounting graduate from Washburn University in Topeka, until 1994 when he began passing shares of the ownership to two long time employees Mike Morris and George (Howie) Snyder, Jr. Both men are second generation employees and both began working at Musselman & Hall at age 15.

Dexter Phillips, the husband of Doug Hall’s daughter Allison, joined the company in the summer of 1996 while he was attending the University of Kansas. In 1997, after receiving his bachelor’s degree in business, Dexter joined the company full time. He is now Executive Vice President — Chief of Bituminous Operations and is in charge of all Bituminous Operations. He began acquiring ownership in 2008.

Howie Snyder left the company in 2010.

Today the company is owned by Hall, Phillips and Morris.

Musselman & Hall employees more than 100 employees during the busy construction season.

The Musselman & Hall workload is spread nearly evenly between governmental and private customers.

Governmental customers use hard bid procurement methods to enter into contracts for street work including crack filling, concrete pavement restoration, street construction, traffic geometric revisions, sidewalk and curb repairs, asphalt milling, railroad maintenance and repair and many other services uniquely offered by Musselman & Hall Contractors, LLC.

Private and Industrial customers use hard bid and negotiated contract procurement to acquire our services in joint filling and crack filling, asphalt milling, asphalt patching and overlay, structural concrete construction, pits, floors, walls, suspended slabs, streetscapes and a full line of railroad maintenance, repair and construction services.

Musselman & Hall’s newest offering is a complete selection of architectural concrete services anchored on our exclusive franchise of Bomanite services. Architectural concrete services include stamped concrete, stained concrete, etched concrete, integral color, color hardener, sandtex, grinding, concrete counter tops and many other unique services that transform concrete surfaces from drab gray concrete into exciting personal surfaces that beg to be felt and admired by every passer by.