Architectural Concrete

M&H has built a distinct reputation as the premier architectural concrete contractor among designers and owners alike. This reputation is backed by numerous industry rewards. Our highly trained professionals offer just the right blend of art and science to turn a drab and bland concrete surface into an exciting conversation piece with brilliant colors and breathtaking depth.

We partner with the Bomanite Company to be a part of a worldwide network of experienced and specially trained concrete professionals dedicated to the highest standards of quality and service. As a licensed Bomanite partner we have full access to Bomanite products, systems, technology, training, and tools. From polished concrete floors and sandtex finishes, to concrete toppings and custom exposed aggregate concrete hardscapes, we offer it all and we can design each surface just for you.

Structural Concrete
& Flatwork

Our structural concrete work includes walls, pits floors, suspended slabs, columns, containment areas, and much more. 

Our crews are even known to be called out to install a single pump base for an important industrial customer.

On the other hand, we have had experience in providing all the concrete work for the construction of a new multi-million dollar industrial facility that included massive tank foundations, deep pits, track scale pits, weigh bridge foundations, spill containment areas, equipment bases, concrete columns and all the other concrete work necessary to make this new plant complete.