Structural Concrete Construction

For decades, Musselman and Hall Contractors has been building both the Kansas City and St. Louis communities from the ground up, literally. Our experienced concrete teams specialize in a wide range of structural concrete, flatwork, and sitework services. We have had experience in providing all the concrete work for the construction of multimillion-dollar industrial facilities. We have poured over 25,000 square feet of concrete at a time to simple concrete curb and gutter projects for municipalities. Our crews have even been known to be called out to install a single pump base for an important industrial concrete customer. We pride ourselves in quality work no matter how big or small the project may be; our customers always come first.

What is Concrete?

Although concrete is one of the oldest building materials found to date, it remains one of the best and most popular building materials. The discovery of using steel reinforcement in conjunction with concrete such as wire mesh and rebar has made it especially popular. Concrete is comprised of cement, water, air, and aggregates. It is almost always used alongside admixtures to create extra strength, workability, or durability.

Concrete Construction and Repair Service

We can perform various types of concrete construction including concrete flatwork, concrete sitework, and structural concrete such as:

  • Concrete Paving

  • Concrete Parking Lots

  • Concrete Sidewalks

  • Concrete Curb including: vertical curb, radius curb, curb and gutter

  • Concrete Pads

  • Concrete Foundations

  • Concrete Walls including: stem walls, tall walls and foundation walls

  • Concrete Footings

  • Concrete Trenches

  • Concrete Pits

  • Concrete Columns

  • Concrete Slabs on Grade / Concrete Floors

  • Concrete Slabs on Metal Deck / Concrete Suspended Slabs

  • Concrete Stairs

Our Concrete Contractor Crew

We have some of the best and brightest concrete contractor professionals in the Midwest. Our concrete superintendents are incredibly talented and know how to get the job done accurately, timely, and safely. Our concrete company has experienced a wide array of concrete construction projects that are both challenging and perplexing. At Musselman and Hall Contractors, we take on the impossible projects, knowing that we will strive for excellence every single time. We also know that safety and efficiency are extremely important to our customers and we have made serious strides to excel at both. We take the necessary measures to exceed the safety requirements on projects. We also pride ourselves in the leadership of our project managers and concrete superintendents. A mixture of experience and craftsmanship allows these exceptional leaders to create a successful working environment for our concrete crews. We feel that part of our success is helping develop our crews into talented craftsman and leaders. Our partnerships with the Unions allow us to further create successful environments for our employees including quality pay, benefits, and work.

Contact Us for Your Next Concrete Construction Project

If you are interested in learning more about the concrete work, please give us a call. Our team would be more than happy to assist you with any questions or needs you may have for your concrete project. Contact Kyle VanSlyke, Vice President of Concrete and Asphalt in Kansas City, at 816.861.1234 for any inquiries involving concrete or asphalt projects. Contact Keith Ahal, Concrete Division Manager in St. Louis, at 314.400.2246 regarding any questions about concrete projects in St. Louis. We also offer free inspections for concrete parking lots, asphalt parking lots, sidewalks, etc. For a free quote please fill out the contact form or call Jeff Burke, Inspection Division Manager, at 816.861.1234.

Additional Concrete, Decorative Concrete, and Asphalt Services

At Musselman and Hall Contractors, we provide additional construction services for commercial and industrial businesses outside of the concrete services listed above. Our asphalt work can include asphalt parking lots, pothole repair, crackseal, etc. We provide decorative concrete work such as stained concrete, polished concrete, and stamped concrete. We also provide railroad work to include railroad track maintenance, track installation, track inspections, new construction and more. If you are interested in any of these services, please visit “Our Services” page to learn more about all we have to offer.