Railroad Maintenance and Construction Services

For over a century, Musselman & Hall Contractors, LLC has been providing railroad maintenance and construction services across the United States.

Ever since George K. Musselman started our company more than 100 years ago, our railroad contractors have been installing, repairing and maintaining railroad sidings, rail yards and main line work for clients across the Midwest and later expanding nationwide. 

Railroad Contractor Serving the United States

Musselman and Hall Contractors specializes in narrow gauge railroad maintenance, track inspections, grade crossings, and new railroad construction. Our project managers have been involved in many important and high-level projects including construction and maintenance of the Kansas City Zoo, the St. Louis Delmar Loop project and many other numerous facilities surrounding the Kansas City, St. Louis, and Wichita areas. Our monthly services can include FRA track inspections, switch lubrication adjustment, joint-maintenance, switch tie and cross tie replacement, surfacing and aligning track, and maintaining proper gage. We will always do what is necessary to ensure that rail cars are on the track and operating as smoothly as possible.

We want to provide the least interruption to your operation during railroad installation or repair. For more information on Railroad construction, maintenance, inspections, or crossings please contact Jason Fleck for Kansas City and surrounding areas at (816) 861-1234. Contact Jason Gardner for St. Louis and surrounding areas at (314) 400-2246. Contact Mark Barrus for Wichita and surrounding areas at (316)-252-1337.

As a railroad contractor, Musselman & Hall Contractors, LLC can administer and execute your railroad construction projects to ensure that your project is completed correctly in a timely and cost-efficient manner. At Musselman and Hall, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality railroad construction and maintenance work quickly while promoting safety in our work environments. Our project managers closely monitor each and every aspect of your railroad maintenance projects to ensure that everything is running safely, quickly, and on time.

Call us or contact us if you have questions on our railroad maintenance services, or if you would like to get started on a railroad project of your own.

Railroad Track Inspections

Our railroad maintenance and construction crew can perform the necessary inspections and maintenance to ensure that your track meets FRA standards. At Musselman & Hall, we understand that railroad track inspections are not to be taken lightly. We ensure that the tracks are up to code and safe to use. The costs can be significant, and even deadly if track maintenance is neglected or completed incorrectly. Our railroad inspection and maintenance crews keep this at heart, and only provide the highest quality inspections partnered with the knowledge to get any maintenance done as quickly as possible. At Musselman & Hall, we provide the following Railroad Track Inspections: 

  • Routine Track Inspections

  • Baseline Track Inspections

  • Scheduled Maintenance 

  • Track Rehabilitation and Construction Services

Railroad Construction and Maintenance

At Musselman & Hall, we pride ourselves on our railroad construction and maintenance work. Our railroad construction and maintenance crews understand that having a fully functioning railroad system not only impacts the bottom line, but also impacts the lives of those who utilize the railroad system. With that our railroad crews do all the work for new railroad construction including but not limited to:

  • Track Installation

  • Clearing

  • Grading

  • Drainage

  • Sub-ballast

  • Ballast Regulation

If you are in need of a railroad track inspection or railroad construction services, feel free to give us a call at (816) 861-1234 or contact us to learn more about how we can help you today. 

Additional Services

At Musselman & Hall, we provide additional services such as installation, repair, pavement, and maintenance services for concrete and asphalt for commercial businesses and government projects across the United States.