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Railroad Construction and Maintenance Services

Railroad Construction Contractors Maintaining Railroad Railroad Construction Contractors Maintaining Railroad

For over a century, Musselman & Hall Contractors, LLC has been providing railroad maintenance and construction services across the United States. Ever since George K. Musselman started our company more than 100 years ago, our railroad contractors have been installing, repairing and maintaining railroad sidings, rail yards and main line work for clients across the Midwest and later expanding nationwide.

Railroad Contractor Serving the United States

Musselman and Hall Contractors specializes in narrow gauge railroad maintenance, track inspections, grade crossings, and new railroad construction. Our project managers have been involved in many important and high-level projects including construction and maintenance of the Kansas City Zoo, the St. Louis Delmar Loop project and many other numerous facilities surrounding the Kansas City, St. Louis, and Wichita areas. Our monthly services can include FRA track inspections, switch lubrication adjustment, joint-maintenance, switch tie and cross tie replacement, surfacing and aligning track, and maintaining proper gage. We will always do what is necessary to ensure that rail cars are on the track and operating as smoothly as possible. We want to provide the least interruption to your operation during railroad installation or repair.

As a railroad contractor, Musselman & Hall Contractors, LLC can administer and execute your railroad construction projects to ensure that your project is completed correctly in a timely and cost-efficient manner. At Musselman and Hall, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality railroad construction and maintenance work quickly while promoting safety in our work environments. Our project managers closely monitor each and every aspect of your railroad maintenance projects to ensure that everything is running safely, quickly, and on time.

Call us at (816) 861-1234 or contact us if you have questions on our railroad maintenance services, or if you would like to get started on a railroad project of your own.


Musselman and Hall has been in the railroad industry for over a century.

This is where it all began back in 1890. Ever since George K. Musselman started our company more than 100 years ago, we have been installing, repairing and maintaining railroad tracks. We offer a diversified number of services to support not only the industries we have been serving for decades, but all seven Class 1 railroads as well as many regional shortlines. Here is a sample of the types of quality services you can expect from our Railroad Division:

Main Line Railroad Support

We are qualified contractors for all 7 Mainline Railroads (Union Pacific, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Norfolk Southern, Kansas City Southern, CSX, Canadian Pacific, and Canadian National) and offer a wide range of services to support them. Whether UP needs a backhoe to support a gang, BNSF needs a siding constructed, or NS needs a switch built and set, we have all the equipment and manpower needed to assist with anything the Railroad may need. Those are just a few examples of what the railroads rely on from Musselman and Hall every day. We have been asked to perform and came through on projects from moving lockers from one facility to another to re-paving entire lots for Intermodal Facilities. No job is too big or too small for Musselman and Hall.

Industry Track Maintenance

There are multiple Industrial plants that have been using Musselman and Hall for their track maintenance for decades. We pride ourselves on the fact that our “bread and butter,” so to speak, is based on repeat business. Whether your business needs budgeting help for routine maintenance or support for a derailment, Musselman and Hall can assist with tie replacement, tamping, broken rail replacement, gauging, welding, etc. We keep a large inventory on-hand of ties and steel to be able to help get your tracks back into service. And, we can help you with over 100 years of railroad track maintenance experience!

Track Inspections

We have multiple FRA 213 qualified Track Inspectors in all 3 markets (Kansas City, St. Louis, and Wichita) that Musselman and Hall currently serves. Those inspectors can check all the conditions of your track and determine what FRA defects may be present or any conditions that may exist that could hamper your company’s ability to do business. A comprehensive report will be completed and we can even present your company with a full-detailed cost breakdown for those repairs.

Track Construction

If you are considering building a new facility or expanding an existing line, look no further than Musselman and Hall Contractors. Since the 1890’s, we have been building track. While technology has come a long ways since then, the main components are mostly the same now as they were a century ago. What does that mean for you? The most experienced company in the area is at your service to make sure that the project is built on-time and within budget. We have built hundreds of miles of track over the years and our crews are led by a management team with over 90 combined years of experience. We can assist with everything from the engineering phase all the way through construction on anything from conventional wood ties to steel and concrete ties as well, and have in-house means to do dirt work, concrete, and asphalt on top of the rail construction. We are a one-stop shop for just about anything that goes on the ground.

Track Surfacing

Probably the most important (and, frankly, the most neglected) aspect of any railroad track is the ballast line (the rock in between and below the ties). The track ballast not only keeps the track surface in a position to run trains smoothly, it also protects it from moving laterally as well as keeping the track well drained. Vertical and lateral movement can wreak havoc on the condition of your rail and ties. And, if the track bed is not well-drained, tie conditions will deteriorate faster than they should and raise maintenance costs over time. Musselman and Hall has all the latest equipment to keep your track surface precisely where it needs to be to minimize maintenance costs and ensure long-lasting service. Whether we are surfacing small industrial projects with 2400 Switch Tampers, new construction, or miles and miles of main line track with 6700 Production Tampers, we have just what the job needs to be done properly and efficiently.

Flood Remediation

Mother nature can be disastrous to any railroad. Musselman and Hall has everything from Hy-Rail Excavators, Rotary Dumps, and Grapple Trucks to surfacing equipment as detailed above. We have the experience to get your track back into service as quickly as possible. We have relationships with quarries all over the Midwest that we can source any type of ballast available to rebuild what has been destroyed. And, we can provide turnkey service at all times of day and night, because we all know that these accidents never happen at a good time for anyone. Call us and we will be there!

Tie Gangs and Rail Gangs

Have a job that requires higher production than a regular maintenance crew? We have the capability to complete tie replacement and rail relay on a larger scale as well. On average we install about 50,000 ties per year. We have the specialized equipment for higher production so that your railroad is not tied up (Pardon the pun) for months on end with a job lasting longer than it should.

Bridge Maintenance

Whether your needs require full panel replacements or just replacement of caps and stringers as part of a periodic maintenance program or in response to some disaster, Musselman and Hall has equipment and manpower ready to go. Services that we provide include; tie replacement, cap and stringer replacement, sheet pile driving, panel replacement, headwall stabilization, fire damage repair, ballast replacement, surfacing, brush control, and drift removal.

Narrow Gauge Track Construction and Maintenance

We are proud of the fact that we built and maintain the tracks for the Kansas City Zoo. Every year we inspect and repair not just those tracks but also at other amusement parks such as Worlds of Fun and Six Flags. If you have a narrow gauge train and are looking for a company that has experience building and maintaining tracks for your specific needs, call us today!

Light Rail Construction and Maintenance

The next time you visit the Del Mar Loop in St Louis, think about Musselman and Hall. We are very proud of the way that job turned out and it was a great partnership between us and KCI Construction. The coordination that these types of jobs take with traffic control, permitting, and utilities in such a busy and confined work environment is amazing. If you are a General Contractor bidding or an Engineering firm designing a light rail project, you will appreciate working with a company with experience constructing a project of that magnitude.

Railroad Flagging Services

If you or a contractor you have hired will be working within 25 feet of a railroad track, the need for safe communication with that particular railroad will require a Roadway Worker In Charge or RWIC. Musselman and Hall currently provides that service in Kansas City for several of the Class 1 Railroads as well as shortlines. Our Flagging staff has extensive knowledge and experience with Safety firmly at the forefront of their minds. They are all kept up-to-date with all the railroads’ latest General Orders, rules, and safety guidelines and can assist in keeping your crews safe and compliant.

Vegetation Control

Some of the most common safety hotline problems for all railroads are line of sight issues with vegetation. We have brush cutting equipment able to perform tasks as small as weed eating to On-track clear cutting. And when we say clear cutting, we mean it! When we are done with a job, there is nothing left but mulch. Whether you need us to improve sight lines for signals or crossings or you need brush cut back a certain distance for miles, we have the right tools to get the job done.

Additional Services

At Musselman & Hall, we provide additional services such as installation, repair, pavement, and maintenance services for concrete and asphalt for commercial businesses and government projects across the United States.

Railroad Construction Maintenance and Track Inspections

Railroad Track Inspections

Our railroad maintenance and construction crew can perform the necessary inspections and maintenance to ensure that your track meets FRA standards. At Musselman & Hall, we understand that railroad track inspections are not to be taken lightly. We ensure that the tracks are up to code and safe to use. The costs can be significant, and even deadly if track maintenance is neglected or completed incorrectly. Our railroad inspection and maintenance crews keep this at heart, and only provide the highest quality inspections partnered with the knowledge to get any maintenance done as quickly as possible. At Musselman & Hall, we provide the following Railroad Track Inspections:

  • Routine Track Inspections
  • Baseline Track Inspections
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Track Rehabilitation and Construction Services


Railroad Construction, Maintenance, and Installation

Railroad Construction and Maintenance

At Musselman & Hall, we pride ourselves on our railroad construction and maintenance work. Our railroad construction and maintenance crews understand that having a fully functioning railroad system not only impacts the bottom line, but also impacts the lives of those who utilize the railroad system. With that our railroad crews do all the work for new railroad construction including but not limited to:

  • Track Installation
  • Clearing
  • Grading
  • Drainage
  • Sub-ballast
  • Ballast Regulation

If you are in need of a railroad track inspection or railroad construction services, feel free to give us a call at (816) 861-1234 or contact us to learn more about how we can help you today.

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