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Infrared heater permanently fixes potholeS!

If you remember the pot hole apocolypse of 2019 then you may have noticed our billboards up throughout Kansas City in printed big bold letters, "GOT POTHOLES?". You MAY have even seen us on the news! 

Musselman and Hall recently aquired a state of the art pot hole fixing machine, the Kasi Patriot Infrared Heater. This piece of equipment allows us to make conventional asphalt repairs quicker, cleaner, better and with far less waste. With this all-contained system, we lower a six foot by eight food infrared heater over the area of distressed asphalt, reheat that area to temperatures similar to when it was batched at the plant, remove any unsuitable material, apply fresh asphalt from the hotbox and re-compact the area. We remove only what is needed and place only what is required. The infrared device is perfect for correction improper drainage problems in an asphalt pavement. Frequently, an asphalt pavement is installed over a fairly flat surface where elevations are critial. If the surface is off by even a half inch an unsightly "bird bath" is created. A bird bath not only causes passersby to get wet feet, it can also freeze in the winter creating an ice rink. The infrared heater allows crews to reshape the surface to amke it drain without leaving an ugly patch. Best of all, the infrared heater can be used even in below freezing weather. There is no need for a property owner to have put up with a bird bath until spring.


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To Recycle or Not To Recycle?

The facts about Recycled versus Virgin Mix Asphalt


As an asphalt paving contractor part and parcel to doing our work is the asphaltic concrete material that is placed on the roads or parking lots we pave. In most projects the material is the most expensive portion. Given that fact, the question becomes, “How do we save money on the material in order to pass along those savings to our clients and ourselves?”. In the asphalt world, there are actually many options that a client has when specifying asphalt material for their projects. These options can increase or decrease the material price, directly affecting the final cost of the project. One of those options is selecting either recycled or non-recycled (virgin) asphalt.

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Pavement Maintenance Inspections

How inspections help owners and property managers save money and budget for the future

Did you know that you need to budget five or ten years down the road to maintain your sidewalks and parking lots? If you’re like many other facility and property managers, the answer is probably, “No”. If you don’t have a background in the asphalt and concrete world or you’re just busy and overwhelmed putting out the daily fires, then it can be difficult to spend time managing your pavement and sidewalk. Having a pavement maintenance inspection done can bring clarity to current issues and help plan for the future. Why is this important?

The Problem

From the day asphalt is installed in your parking lot, it has a shelf life. The paving and sidewalks around your facility bear the brunt of many days of sun and rain, wind and cold. They endure endless applications of salt and sand, ice melt and snow plows. Heavy truck and car traffic constantly run over them. Wrap that all up with cold winters and hot summers, and it is easy to see how pavement and concrete can plain wear out. It is because of exposure to the daily wear and tear that it is important to stay vigilant when it comes to maintaining your facility parking and walking surfaces. Pavement evaluations are one tool a facility or property manager can use to stay on top of things.

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