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Sands in the Pacific are Nowhere Near the Beach


U.S. Silica is one of the nation’s leading suppliers of industrial sand. Their plant near Pacific, Missouri produces sand for the flat glass, glass container, chemical, foundry, petroleum and gas industries. Mining operations have been conducted in Pacific since the early 1900s.

Earlier this year U.S. Silica contracted with Eau Claire, WI based Market & Johnson Contractors to build an entirely new processing facility right next to the one they were already operating at peak efficiency.

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Westar Energy – Lawrence


Understanding What Railroad Contractors Do

“People are always asking me about our railroad business. They understand what concrete and asphalt are, but most people have a hard time understanding what railroad contractors do. The Westar Energy job is a perfect example of the Musselman & Hall (M&H) Contractor’s railroad operation.” These words came from M&H business development manager Adam Turley as he talked about a job the company built last fall for Westar Energy in Lawrence, KS.


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